Green Living Lab geodesic dome

Project done working with Sober Industries

The Green Living Lab (Het Groene Leven Lab) is an unique natural lab in an urban environment where scientists, technical experts, artists and businesses meet to stimulate healthier urban living. The Geodesic Dome and garden, is located in Amsterdam Zuid right in the center of Amsterdams fastest growing business center, ‘de Zuidas’.

In the middle of all the corporate business buildings there is a small garden. A green oases in between all the glass and concrete. The goal of the garden is to enhance green urban living and furthermore let people connect with earth and plants again. The Green Living Lab is exploiting the garden for this purpose. Besides the garden the Green Living Lab wished to have an indoor space as well. So they contacted Sober Industries to come up with a solution. The Geodesic dome that was created fits right in the surroundings. And suits all the needs of the Green Living Lab as a place for workshops, lectures and lots more.

The geodesic dome is designed according the standard dome construction methods. Except we adjusted the drawings for 2 separate entrances, and 5 windows in the top which can be opened to ventilate the space. The wood used is Accoya, a light weight, super strong wood suitable for construction purposes. All the windows are Lexan panels. To obtain more indoor space we raised the construction 70cm of the ground by a wooden wall, which is covered on the outside with a typical dutch dike.

My role in this project:

  • Part of the creative concept development team
  • One of two Art directors on the physical appearance
  • Pre-fabrication and construction on location
  • Overall production