Lelystad Eagle statue 2011

Project done working for Sober Industries

Back in 2011, when me and Tim Boin just started to get serious projects with Sober Industries, we were commissioned by the city of Lelystad to make a permanent statue. The statue had to resemble the mascot of the city which is the eagle. The city of Lelystad uses the image of an eagle is their city marketing campaign.

We started this project by modelling a mock-up from foam-board. As soon as we had the right shape and design we started cutting the pieces from 18mm Maranti-multiplex. All the single pieces were then screwed together and fitted on a metal frame which supported the structure.

To complete the statue we used: 18 meters of steel beams, 30 meters of wooden beams, 120 square meters of multiplex panels, over 1000 stainless steel screws, 8 liters of Poly-coating, 6 liters of DD poly coating and 2x 1400kg. concrete slabs.

My role in this project:

  • Creative concept
  • Design and art-direction
  • Development and building the artwork