Projection Mapped Tiger Sculpture

Project done working with Sober Industries

This project was sort of the kick-start for Sober Industries in 2011. It started as just a random weekend in the studio and ended up in a result that blew our minds at the time. First of we created the tiger sculpture from foam-board. we had used this material before but never in the way we created the tiger in. After finishing the sculpture we started experimenting with a projector pointed at the object. We projected videos of tigers walking, flying through the universe and all sorts of other material into the object. After a while we figured out a way to project only on the object itself by blocking of the background using software and masks. And to complete the experimenting weekend we figured out a way to trace all the single pieces and use them to create specific animated content. This meant a breakthrough both in our own creativity and job opportunities.

In the time after realizing this project we put a video online and the response was overwhelming. Opportunities from all directions came our way and it meant the real start of Sober Industries and all the projects following.