Rhinoceros Geometric Sculpture

Personal project

In preparation for our big adventure to Miami Art Week i designed and created this wooden rhinoceros sculpture. The Sober Collective was asked by our friends from Amsterdam Streetart (ASA) to join them for a street art exhibition in Miami Wynwood.

Using geometric shapes i tried to give the sculpture the power the real animal radiates in the wild and exaggerate it. The sculpture is designed using 3D software and then flattened into small pieces which are lasercut and form the assembly kit. The first layer is made from paper which then is covered with plywood. After applying the wood the seems are closed. Finally it takes a lot of sanding to get everything nice and smooth before the final layers of varnish are applied.

The technique used for this project is the same i used later for making Wallshark, the Vulcan Salute and Bear sculptures.