Wooden Geometric Bear sculpture

Personal project

Bears live in close harmony with nature and their surroundings. To make a wooden geometric sculpture of a bear using natural materials like wood, to me, seems logical. Everything around us in this universe is in some way build by geometric shapes and forms. In this geometric bear sculpture build from triangular shaped wooden pieces i tried to enlarge a made up geometric pattern. Using only triangles to connect the dots and connect them in a way that shapes an object. This pattern represents the biological buildup of the animal. And therefore connects the design back to nature. Since i was a kid i am very interested in nature. Therefore most of the sculptures i have made are animals. I feel these are closest to mother nature and the universe and her sacred geometry.

The technique used for this project is the same i used before whilst making Wallshark, the Vulcan Salute and Rhinoceros sculptures. During the build i looked specifically for panels of wood with a distinctive flaming pattern, as a result the wood suggests the bears furry coat.

Based on previous projects whilst working with Sober Industries. The client, Kunstbalie, handed us a budget for making a sculpture. At this point the bear is living his life as part of a traveling art-exhibition. To encounter the sculpture in real life, check out the website of Kunstbalie for the next exhibition date.